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The importance of code review - Four eyes see more than two

· 6 min read
Alexander Unterrainer
DefconQ, KDB/Q Developer, Consultant

Over the weekend, I performed an update on the version of Docusaurus, the documentation framework utilized for my blog. A major update had been released some time ago, and due to my limited enthusiasm for front-end development, I had been postponing this task as long as possible. However, I finally decided to tackle it this weekend. After reviewing the recommended upgrade instructions provided in the official documentation, I prepared all necessary steps and then started the upgrade. Incrementally I went through all steps, running my blog locally on my laptop, ensuring that I wouldn't break anything. After completing the upgrade, I conducted one final verification to confirm that everything was running as expected in my browser. Satisfied with the results, I committed my changes and pushed them to the repository of my blog.

Now, all that remained was deploying the new version to Github Pages. I executed the command USE_SSH=true yarn deploy as I typically do, pressed enter, and awaited the customary [INFO] messages. However, instead of the expected outcome, I was confronted with a bright, red error message.