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Code Organistation - Your own KDB/Q Library

· 10 min read
Alexander Unterrainer
DefconQ, KDB/Q Developer, Consultant

When I first started working as a software developer in an investment bank, I was initially placed in a C# team. After completing all the onboarding, installing Microsoft Visual Studio and gaining access to my team's codebase, I was finally able to have a look at the project I was going to work on. Little did I know, what nightmare I was about to face. Upon opening the project, I discovered that the average length of each class exceeded 15 thousand lines. Yes, you read that correctly; it's not a typo, but the shocking reality I was faced with. Navigating the code base was hard enough, but making a change without breaking anything seemed to be impossible. Luckily, I eventually transitioned to a team that embraced the concept of code organization.